Comprehensive Services for Women of All Ages at Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s/Candler has never wavered from Mary Telfair’s vision

St. Joseph’s/Candler has been privileged to be the choice for women in the region from childbirth and throughout her life. In keeping with Mary Telfair's original vision of providing services geared toward women and their unique needs, St. Joseph’s/Candler is proud to provide sophisticated treatment options to patients for advanced clinical care and improved outcomes. We treat the whole woman - mind, body and spirit - by offering state-of-the-art technology, specialized services, compassionate care, educational classes and much more, including:


The experts at Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital offer a very collaborative approach to patient care coordination so patients receive advanced medicine from a team of experts for improved patient experiences and outcomes. 

Excellent patient centered care with expert and compassionate clinical care for women at every phase of life.

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